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Valentinox Dining Table

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The Valentinox dining table amalgamates simple geometry with luxurious materials, accomplishing a striking look. Designed by Emanuele Zenere for Cattelan Italia and manufactured in Italy, the table is sleek and ultra-modern with a clear abundance of shapes and textures. The base is comprised of two elements, a “v” shaped component, and a cylindrical component. While these two elements are meant to create asymmetry through their physical appeal, they are also contrasting in color and textural finishes. The Valentinox dining table by Cattelan Italia is available in five fixed sizes that include two rectangular versions, an oblong version, an oval version, and a curvilinear version. The “v” shaped component of the base is made of stainless steel, while the complementing cylinder comes in different marble options. The tabletop, regardless of the actual shape of the table, is made of clear tempered glass.

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  • Designed by Emanuele Zenere
  • Part of the Valentinox collection
  • Available in five fixed sizes
  • Stainless steel "v" shaped base
  • Cylinder available in marble finishes
  • Clear tempered glass top
  • Dimensions:
    Valentinox Curvilinear Table:
    94½"W × 45¼" D × 29½"H
    Valentinox Rectangular Table:
    78¾"W × 39½" D × 29½"H
    86½"W × 39½" D × 29½"H
    Valentinox Oblong Table:
    86½"W × 39½" D × 29½"H
    Valentinox Oval Table:
    86½"W × 43¼" D × 29½"H
  • Lead Time: Approx. 16 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Is Not Included
  • Equivalent Manufacturer's Warranty Included