How To Choose The Right Tile For Your House

In a recent article the best tiles on the market 2019 were reviewed. In this one, we continue with the same topic, by sharing with you some tips on how to choose the right tile for your house. 

Tile popularity is ever increasing and now there are so many designs to choose from. When you consider the benefits of using tiles, it’s easy to see why. They are very durable, affordable, and very easy to work with. Moreover, for people looking for maximum customizability, tiles are the best option too as they can in every imaginable shape, size, design and color. 

That said you still need to understand how to pick the right tile for your house, in ordered for you to reap maximum benefit for having them. Keep reading to find out how.

Choose Porcelain

As aforementioned, we have an extensive guide on the best tiles in the market. Once you consider it carefully, you’ll find that many of the tiles listed there are porcelain. There are many reasons why. 

Firstly, porcelain is extremely versatile. This is especially important for people looking to install tiles in high traffic areas such as commercial offices. It is in your interest for your tiles to maintain their beauty and condition many years down the line. With that in mind, you won’t go wrong with porcelain.

Secondly, unlike other tiles, porcelain ones do not need any special sealing material to prevent water damage. This fact adds to their durability and dependability. 

Lastly, these tiles are just gorgeous. Their unique look will take any room from good to great!

Think About Grip 

Full disclosure, a drawback to most tiles is that they can get very slippery. As such when deciding what tiles to put in your house you must keep that fact in mind. Now, rooms which are not prone to water spillage don’t necessarily need special attention, but the kitchen and bathrooms definitely do. This is a matter of concern especially for the elderly and young kids!

That said, there are many workarounds to this problem. For instance you could decide to install bathroom tiles that are texturized. You could also choose to use smaller tiles, as they will have more ridges (because of the grout) thus giving them more grip. Lastly you may decide to go for pebble porcelain tile. Check out some of the options reviewed on our webpage.

Consider Color

As with paint, tiles come in so many different color varieties. That doesn’t mean you should pick our just any color. To take your room to the next level you must be considerate about what color tile you use. 

If your installing tile in a room with limited space, then lighter colored tiles (white tiles), will create the illusion of more space. This is especially true in bathrooms. Moreover, its always advised to consider the paint color that’s going to be used in a room before installing tile. Installing tile without thinking of paint will severely limit your options. As a general rule of thumb, go for suppressed colors, which tend to be easier to match. 

Go For Natural Looks

Consider using stone tiles like granite or tiles with a wood finish. Not only do they look premium and appealing. In recent years wood ties have enjoyed unprecedented popularity as a better alternative to real wood. Not only can they be used in spaces that wood can’t e.g. bathrooms, but they are easier to maintain and more cost effective. Nowadays manufacturers make extremely realistic wood look alike tiles. Consider using them!

Consider Different Tile Grades

Not all tiles are made equal. They come in different grades based on the quality of the finish and the hardness of the tile. While its relatively easy to tell the quality of a tiles finish by looking at it, it may not be the case, when you want to know how hard (and thus durable) a tile is. 

The grading system is known as Moh’s scale. It ranges from class one to class five. Each class is hardier than the former and thus suitable for different situations. For instance, class one is best for walls only as it is quite fragile. Class two is best for inner rooms, which are not regularly accessed from outside the house. Bedrooms and bathrooms come to mind. 

Class three is most rooms but is not advised for rooms that have a lot of traffic. Class four is hardier than class three and can be applied to most floors. It is however more costly (understandably so) than class three. Class five is the most durable. Technically it could be used in a residential house, but that wouldn’t make financial sense. Instead it’s best used in commercial spaces, as they are most prone to high traffic.

Unique Benefits of Italian Interior Design

Italian interior design has always placed great emphasis on fine quality and excellent artisanship. Have you used it? Many people across the world associate this design with elegance and the highest quality furnishings. In essence, they strongly believe that it is the exact epitome of luxury and excellence. If you are looking for something plush and alluring, then you know what you should do now. But wait a minute. Whether you cherish modern or traditional Italian design, you will want to read on for details of all the wonderful offerings of this classic decoration.

Exceptional Elegance

If you get a properly done Italian design, you will appreciate that its degree of elegance is next to none. In fact, for people who prefer minimalist approaches, the old world style may appear in some cases to be too much. The good news is that there are both modern and old styles that you can choose from depending on your own desire. As such, there is no way anyone who is truly in his or her right frame of mind can fail to see the supreme elegance in the Italian interior design.

You can think about it. How possible is it for a person to deny the unique attributes of the refined stately elegance of a tray ceiling that seamlessly travel to every single room?

Refined Modern Look

As we have seen, there is a new crop of people who love the Modern Italian style. They think the Old World ornate Italia is for another class. Since the design is meant to make people happy, the emergence of the new design ensures that no home that wants to experience the elegance and luxury will be left out.

Modern Italian maintains exactly the same level of luxury as the old one. The supremely quality also remains. However, it furnishes are less more sleek and ornate than the other. Moreover, it is a bit more clean-lined. That means all modern enthusiasts have the freedom to use quality materials and be able to add that astonishing, fascinating touch in their homes.

Layered Luxury

Many people think that Italian homes are ‘luxurious.’ While that is the common term out there, the truth is that they are more than just that. If you have seen what we are talking about, you know that they are actually in luxury down from the floor to the ceiling. Remember, not a single corner is missed, and fine artistry is evident throughout the design. That is a layered luxury.

The clean-lined modern Italian styles and the old ones are unique in many aspects. The former often feature many minimalists though it never compromises the luxury design or the glistering streamlined furniture, sculptural chandeliers, and the likes. The old world Italian homes feature ornate trim and exclusive murals. If you turn to the wall, you see glossy wood or marble that is artistically placed to not only add comfort not also inspire people who are keen on living in a beautiful space.

You choose any of these options that you want to mimic. If you have difficulties, hire a designer. Remember, the last thing that you want is anything other than the classic Italian style that creates a fresh, entertaining atmosphere. When you achieve your goal, change the mood of your house by buying high-quality musical instruments and equipment from You can only enjoy nice songs in a cool, elegant, and luxurious home

Gilded in Gold

Whether you choose the modern or traditional design, you will see that gilt trim shows up everywhere. When this is done properly, you see the benefit of an added final layer of luxury. 

But you can also find this gilt style in your many accessories. It is understood that they are also made from high-quality materials. All you will find in these homes are elegant accoutrements that have been hand-carved out of different items, including metals and stones. Moreover, you will likely see glass, mirrors, and crystals. As you can see, there is no way one can fail to marvel at these gilt-laden magnificent designs.

Final Thought

From the facts that we have, luxury décor only makes the perfect sense when it is if from Italy. Whether people across the world think about luxurious furniture or design, they cannot make the mistake of ignoring the great works in the country. From light features and natural materials to the wide array of furniture and home design, Italian design will never be outdated. The reason for this trend is evident. No one wants a design that emphasizes on anything else other than remarkable craftsmanship and perfect quality. When they get these two, the rest automatically gets into place. Historians have rightly suggested that France owned decorative art worlds from the 17th and 18th century to the 1930s, but it is the late 20th century that changed the game. The emergence of Italy has left an indelible ink on the design stage. 

Italian Interior Design Brands to Flourish Luxury Décor

Luxury décor tends to make sense when it is from here. Rarely does anyone in the world can think of doing a luxury touchup of the home without considering Italy. This has been a kind of quintessential default idea in this field, and for adequate reasons. It is almost as one equates renaissance to Florence although all of Europe participated in that new flourish of arts and thoughts. Native designers and relevant facilities keep up with participating competently in upholding this special fame. Of course, one does not have to be Italian to enroll and learn from the world famous design schools in Florence and Milan.

An artistic ambiance

With so much brainstorming and culture appreciation, clients do always find design elements that tend to far exceed their best expectations. Are you considering a major décor makeover this year? If so, then it should please you to know that this season presents one of the best occasions, given the brilliant newness of styles in vogue. The evolution is on a somber yet blissful note, with pastel shades and organic shapes being the major themes. The walls are redecorating with a sense of decent symmetry in wallpapers and genuine artistry.

Murals carry a renewed interest. Lighting fixtures are turning to Indeed, there’s a lot that’s happening and the trends overall are very encouraging. They indicate a perceptible shift from the iconoclast mentality of the same old grey walls, familiar furniture, and typical wallpapers. The shift is towards embracing the beauty of life in simple colors and in an ardent expression of individuality. Also, there is this noticeable selection of solid luminescent colors and pastel shades.

Colors and stories

Forecasts from the Milan design week predict baby blue, lemon yellow, mustard yellow, caramel, and dark teal to retain their bright presence through 2020. Many households are opting for a modern day makeover for the vibes are just too enticing to let go unconcernedly. Even though the classic white as always is still popular, yet there are changes in the tone of illumination and in a growing preference of using the white walls as a canvas for captivating murals. Clients need to consult professionals for the right mural ideas.

A direct-to-wall painting is definitely the most original idea and it is steadily becoming a popular practice. A competent provider can arrange the design selection and the artistry in a suitable arrangement. Imprinted scenes include paintings depicting rural Italy and France. Clients can also look up wallpaper murals and order them to be set at their places. An incredibly artistic range of fantastic wallpapers is available to make a good choice. Alternately, painted tiles are also available in glazed or matte texture.

Good start to the day

These are especially suitable for offering a makeover to the bathrooms. Many clients opt for the bathroom makeover as a viable decision. Instead of refurbishing the whole house, remodeling the privacy of the washroom is a comparatively cost-effective suggestion. In addition, plenty of options are available in sparkling bathroom fixtures and fantastic tiles. As the bathroom is a very intimate and exclusive space, improving upon its presentation definitely has a positive effect in uplifting your mind.

Do keep in mind the essential practical concerns while designing the look. Do you need a place to sit and apply makeup in the bathroom? Is a glass enclosure for the bathing space comfortable for you? Is there a need for making separate bathrooms to avoid the morning rush in preparing for the office? Is there an elderly or a person with a physical handicap in the house? Do your children use the same bathroom or are there a separate one for the kids? Do you bathe pets in here? Carefully considering all these issues should provide you with a clear outline of how to proceed with the interior designing work.

Seeing in a new light

While bringing about a makeover, the part played by lighting is rather definitive. Simply by intelligent usage of lighting, you can shift the looks from exciting to sober, or whatever you wish. Pay attention to both the design element and the illumination aspect. Modern lamps are available that emit ultraviolet rays of a certain wavelength which disinfects the area of germs. It can be a really fantastic idea to use it in the bathroom, or in especially hygiene sensitive areas such as the kitchen.

Latest interior décor trends in lighting are all about creating aesthetic illumination. Designers are making available exclusive fixtures that have their own unique art appeal, besides creating a wonderful effect. A key point to note in trying to locate the right place for this practical art piece is to keep a note of factors such as the color of the background wall and the effect a particular color or illumination has. A green wall may not seem the same in blue light, and so and so. Look up online resources for deciding on the inter-effect of colors. Also, consult a professional to infer the effect of corners and shadows in setting up a light.

Enthralled by the Fantastic Italian Luxury Furniture

Interior décor is incomplete without Italy. Luxurious Italian furniture is such a worldwide default idea that it is incomparable. The heritage of Roman opulence and later, the Renaissance endowed this great tradition of opulent luxury that is relevant even today. An inside look into the splendor of the Vatican should tell one very clearly about the famous Italian luxury. Now, of course, one does not get to recreate the Vatican feeling inside a home in all that opulence. Nevertheless, inside the limited space that you have, you can still create your own little bit of heaven.

All you have to do is to find out the resources to make this happen. Clients from anywhere in the world can conveniently connect with standard organizations to provide all necessary assistance. From the classic look to contemporary sensibilities, the options are available affluently. From the somber to the exuberant, the decision is yours. As you seek a competent provider, here are a few general suggestions. Let your house reflect the heavenly vision that you want to see.

Let there be light  

Ah, what majestic command did the Lord verily voice! At once, the great dome that was the sky lit up in His great glory. The magical effect that illumination carries transcends all time and space timelessly.

This uplifting feeling is perceivable as a common thread in the contrast of classic chandelier and the modern minimalistic light fixtures. The range of options in there can definitely dazzle you. So, take your time to browse through the catalog to find a suitable one by your individual aesthetics. Remembering a few key aspects should help to make an informed selection.

Start with tallying the light according to the place where you want it. Obviously, chandeliers are not appropriate in bathrooms, in a manner of saying! (If it is, then it is definitely eclectic!) So, you get the idea. Pick the right one for the bathroom, bedroom, sitting room, and one for the portico. Consider the design in tune with the décor. Modern designer systems can be anything from arching exclusive dome lights over the couch or a scintillating display of glass crystals over the classic dining table.

Keep an eye on aspects such as corner obstruction, and complementary shadow (the darkened portion just above the lamp). It is also advisable to keep a practical note on the wiring aspect. It is obviously invisible, but is it safe? Pay due attention to the small lights beside the major light points. See that the table lamps, the reading lights, and the night lamps are at par with the luxurious aesthetics on a big scale. Do note that the lighting is accessible in various colors of illumination apart from the typical fiery incandescence. The color of the light affects the wall. So, keep an eye on the color wheel effect when you set up new light fixtures.

The things that be

True to the reputation of being at the foremost of international internal décor, Italian designers stay busy with providing for the most luxurious needs of their valued clients all over the world. From classic gilded woodworks done with intricate attention to details, designers combine the old with the new in catering to the aesthetics of the nouveau rich besides the traditional. Décor color trends this season forecast the prevalence of deep pastel shades, which is also at par with the choice of wall colors.

There is this significantly visible of choosing colors that mark a major shift from the coldness of metal or stone. As for the things made of such alternate materials such as metal, stone, or glass, a fantastic range of designer products is available. (Helpful tip: While selecting a glass table, always complement the choice with proper lighting. The glitter of glass or metal under the effect of brilliant light creates a magnificent display to behold. Alternately, you can also experiment with setting a somber tone with crystal lined table lamps set on a heavy glass table.) About specific choices for the kitchen, always prioritize comfort and convenience when you are buying something for your home.

In selecting furniture items, usually, the choice comes down to the options of selecting from the traditional vs. the new designs. You can always choose either or both. It should not be so strange to have your drawing room and your study in different styles of decoration!

A wonderful ambiance

Create a fantastic ambiance with redecorating the walls. Let your individuality come across in the colors that surround you. If you really seek a church-like feeling in your home, then consider hand-painted murals of mythological scenes on specific walls. Of course, it has to be done with professional Italian mural services. Look for experienced professionals who can help to recreate the exact feeling that you seek. Exclusive tiled murals are available for bathrooms. Homeowners can also purchase special wallpapers through a competent establishment keen to assist in meeting your requirements from Italy.     

Ushering the Luxury of Subtle Italy in Interior Style 2019

A house turning to a home is a beautiful sensation. Don’t they say that it is home sweet home? Italian interior design has been traditionally a mainstay forerunner. Indeed, graceful décor enlightens the mind, as well as the ambiance. As for design trends, 2019 testifies quite a few new ones. The emphasis is upon the return of gentle styles, uplifting features, gentle artistry, a lot of pastel shades, and embracing street art via a simplistic posh makeover.

There is definitely that romantic overtone and a simplistic way of embracing individuality. So, you may have been thinking of major changes in your wardrobe and in the way your room appears. Half of the year is already in the past sorting out the confusions of letting go the old. So, do get in touch now before the season passes by before your eyes.

It does not necessarily have to be a very expensive affair if you are not looking for a full makeover. Even subtle touches in the lighting and wall murals or artworks can be a source of wonderful joy. Read on for a few handpicked suggestions on magically transforming your house to your sweet home.

A sense of bliss

Blissfulness is quite in the way modern homemakers are looking forward. From floor tiles emulating seashores to the roof painted serenely blue, the creative options are no less. Look up catalogs and discuss with professionals. Very interestingly, modern designers report that people are increasingly looking for something exclusive and fresh, and to quote, “not a page from the catalog”. This shifting perception from the usual grey walls and stone floors of a typical house to warm colors and nouveau artistry is rather encouraging. It heralds something greater than merely a shifting trend in the passage of seasons. The exuberance of hues is visible not only in walls but also in furniture and floor tiles.

Celebrate individuality

Instead, it indicates a change in mindset from downcast to being warm. There is also this recognition of imbuing more and more original creativity and not just whimsical meaninglessness! (Helpful tip: Art galleries often promote the works of well-known contributors quite expensively. Although there is no measuring yardstick about the viability of art, yet before you spend that much, do consider having expert opinions. Just because you can afford it does not mean that you cannot use the same amount to purchase artworks from relatively unknown artists. They are good as well and seek a decent exposure.) Look up artworks in forums such as Instagram or Pinterest for exclusive and rare finds.

Of course, you will need the catalog to elect a new shade for your walls. Soft pastel colors in solid blocks are making a comeback. In addition, there are numerous new options to choose from in wallpaper artistry. Consider murals for something really exclusive. Depending on the way it comes to life, there is something very archaic about a mural.

A wall-painting depicting a scene of the myths or anything vintage immediately transpires a church-like sensibility to the viewer. Surely, homeowners need to apply wisdom in such depictions. Pick a solemn space and see that it blends appropriately with the rest of the décor. Fantasy images are also quite in vogue, especially in private spaces. Vinyl ones are convenient options because it is possible to take them off the wall without a fuss. Apart from the traditional painted styles, one can also choose from any of the umpteen designs in wallpaper or tile murals. Special designs for children rooms such as rainbows, unicorns, birds, and forests make for those small but important changes that help your child to grow happily.       

Lighting it up

A wonderful wealth of fantastic lighting fixtures is available. Continuing on the theme of minimalism, energy savings, and simplicity, the new lights may not even look like lights, but more like suspended artworks. With increased attention to the ergonomics, setting up these units is user-friendly and require no disruption of false ceilings or fuss with wirings. It is also good for the environment that those age-old Edison lights are finally disappearing from the scene altogether. The ones replacing these are literally brilliant, in both design and illumination.

Look up the best trends and ideas on the latest Italian home décor lighting fixtures. Selecting the right lights would require considering the design as well as the degree and type of illumination. The appearance of the room can change drastically relative to the placement of the light. Even a quaint table lamp can have a definitive effect on how you are feeling in a place. So, you would need to see it from different angles in trying to figure out what should be best. Lighting has this special ability to create a transcendental space within a space. Luxury drawing room overhanging dome lights over couches and sofa sets are among some of the new ideas.