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Terminal Keramik Premium Console Table

Regular price $2,725.00

The Terminal Keramik Premium console table by Cattelan Italia is a lovely statement piece in a contemporary home. The geometrically inspired base features an X-shape and has sculptural elements for an artistic touch. With multi-dimensional aspects, it makes the table stand out in style. There is ample space on top to show off beautiful pieces of modern decor. Manufactured in Italy with uncompromising quality and designed by Paolo Cattelan, the Terminal Keramik Premium console table is available in four sizes. The top comes in various ceramic finishes as well as an array of metal options for the base.


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  • Designed by Paolo Cattelan
  • Part of the Terminal collection
  • Available in three sizes
  • The top comes in an array of ceramic finishes
  • Various metal finishes are available for the base and profile
  • Dimensions:
    51¼"W × 19" D × 29½"H
    63"W × 19" D × 29½"H
    78¾"W × 19" D × 29½"H
  • Lead Time: Approx. 16 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Is Not Included
  • Equivalent Manufacturer's Warranty Included