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Planer Wood Dining Table

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Add a sculptural style to your contemporary dining room with the eye-catching Planer wood dining table by Cattelan Italia. The base features a combination of clean lines and sharp angles for a geometrically inspired touch. With a spacious top, it provides plenty of room for multiple people to eat and socialize comfortably. Contrasting finishes stand out against one another for added appeal. Manufactured in Italy by Cattelan Italia, the Planer round wood dining table is available in four sizes. Various wood finishes are available for the top while its base comes in an array of embossed lacquered steel finishes. Versions are available with beveled edges and rounded edges.

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  • Designed by Paolo Cattelan
  • Part of the Planer collection
  • Available in B and C versions
  • Version B: barrel-shaped table top with beveled edges
  • Version B: Canaletto walnut and Burned oak
  • Version C: barrel-shaped table top with a rounded lower profile
  • Version C: Canaletto walnut w/ black trim, Elm matte black w/ brushed bronze trim
  • Metal base available in various embossed lacquered steel options
  • Dimensions:
    Version C:
    71"W × 41" D × 29½"H
    78¾"W × 47¼" D × 29½"H
    98½"W × 50½" D × 29½"H
    118"W × 50½" D × 29½"H
    Version B:
    78¾"W × 47¼" D × 29½"H
    98½"W × 50½" D × 29½"H
    118"W × 50½" D × 29½"H
  • Lead Time: Approx. 16 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Is Not Included
  • Equivalent Manufacturer's Warranty Included
  • Notes:
    Version B top is not available in 70¾"W x 41¼"D size
    Version B top colors: Canaletto walnut and burned oak
    Version C top colors: Canaletto walnut w/ black trim, elm matte black w/ brushed bronze trim