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Etoile Console Table

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Look no further for an elegant display solution than the lovely Etoile console table by Cattelan Italia. The structure features two tables nested in each other, creating ample decor opportunities. With a shiny metal finish, it brings a dazzling, glamorous style that stands out in a modern home. Thanks to the minimal design, it brings a timeless style to the room and fits in well with your existing furnishings. Fine, Italian craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail ensure the console will be a staple piece of furniture. Manufactured in Italy and designed by the talented Giorgio Cattelan, the Etoile console table is available in two sizes to accommodate individual needs. Choose between various metal finishes to create a truly custom look. The details come in brass.

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  • Designed by Giorgio Cattelan
  • Two sizes are available for the nested tables
  • The structure comes in various metal finishes
  • The details are available in brass
  • Dimensions: Set of 2:
    27½"W × 9¾" D × 26½"H
    31½"W × 9¾" D × 28¼"H
    Set of 2:
    43¼"W × 9¾" D × 26½"H
    47¼"W × 9¾"D × 28¼"H
  • Lead Time: Approx. 16 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Covered by Italian Luxury Interiors Warranty