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Egypt Mirror

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The inspiration for the Egypt mirror comes from the exotic lands of ancient Egypt and the spectacular pyramids of Giza. Designed by Leonardo Dainelli for Cattelan Italia and manufactured in Italy, the wall mirror features a wide wooden frame covered in silver or gold foil. The frame is comprised of three parallel rows of miniature pyramids that grant this mirror its extravagant appeal. The Egypt mirror is a stylish, fitting, and practical addition in the bedroom, dining room, and living room. It is available in two square versions, two round versions, and one rectangular shape which could be floor-standing or wall-mounted.

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  • Designed by Leonardo Dainelli
  • Wood frame covered in silver or gold foil
  • Frame comprised of 3 rows of mini pyramids
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • The rectangular shape could be floor-standing or wall mounted
  • Dimensions:
    Egypt Round:
    Ø31½" × 1½" D
    Ø43¼" × 1½" D
    Egypt Square:
    39½"W × 39½"H × 1½" D
    47¼"W × 47¼"H × 1½" D
    Egypt Rectangular:
    78¾"W × 31½"H × 1½" D
  • Lead Time: Approx. 16 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Is Not Included
  • Equivalent Manufacturer's Warranty Included