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Teka Bioethanol Fireplace

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Teka appears as a three-dimensional contemporary painting containing an ancestral element such as fire. It is an encased ethanol fireplace, a wall edged frame. Its minimalistic structure plays as background scenery and it is hosting the ethanol burner. The encased ethanol fireplace is produced according customer and room requirements and it is able to include other functions also.

  • TEKA81 Dimensions: H. 81 x P. 40 x L. 48.6
  • TEKA170 Dimensions: H. 170 x P. 40 x L. 48.6
  • TEKA144 Dimensions: H. 81 x P. 40 x L. 144
  • Encased bioethanol burner with steel structure AISI 304 lacquered black, prepared and usable with only one burner, complete with protective glass and stainless steel AISI 304 burner Art. LAFLACA
  • Lead time: 12 weeks