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Specchidicarta Mirror

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Specchidicarta is the collection of mirrors antoniolupi that seamlessly fits in with the concept "tra le righe" by Gumdesign, including the already well noted sinks Borghi and Gessati, the new Rigati, as well as wallpaper tralerighe (that takes on the name of the whole concept) and the carpets Tramato. The mirrors have the original image of a folded piece of paper, an origami marked by the contrast between the reflective mirror and the black lacquered crease. The fold defines absence and at the same time movement. Thus, the mirror becomes an integral part of the wall which tears off creating a black space, apparently empty, as if we could see beyond. A piece which is borderline between reality and imagination “Your own image becomes confined between what is perceived as real and what is within.” – comments by the designers Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi of Gumdesign - “An imaginary fold that generates reflection”. The Specchidicarta mirrors are available in different sizes, please inquire for details.

  • SDC10 Dimensions: H. 81.8 x L. 60
  • SDC11 Dimensions: H. 85.8 x L. 58.9
  • SDC12 Dimensions: H. 74.3 x L. 74.3mI
  • Polished edge mirror 4mm thick with back lacquered black insert, white led lighting complete with black frame
  • Lead time: 12 weeks