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Scrigno Wall Lamp

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A complex project in its simplicity, a minimal design that does not prevail in any way on its primary function or on the very essence of the object. Scrigno is a recessed lamp with a built-in switch that can be positioned anywhere on the wall according to the needs and functions that you want to attribute to it. A versatile and transversal presence, discreet yet precious, which can be positioned at different heights: near a mirror, next to the bed, in a corridor or in any other room in the house. Easy to use and intuitive, transforming living trends and reviving old gestures, anticipating new daily actions.

  • Dimensions: H. 9 x P. 3 x L. 5.5
  • Lamp to be encased in the wall in aluminum with led lighting and transformer complete with integrated switch
  • Lead time: 12 weeks