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Mastello Flumood Oval Bathtub

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“Mastello” in Italian is an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing. The name of the new product immediately recalls the ritual of bathing in an era in which running water was truly a luxury. An object that became a "place " because the Mastello (tub), placed in the middle of the room, became the centre of the scene around which to play, tell stories, and share emotions. antoniolupi and Mario Ferrarini reinterpret its meaning with a new elegant bathtub called Mastello. The new bathtub in Flumood or Colormood, is made of fluid lines, soft shapes and candid surfaces that develop without interruptions. Oval Flumood bathtub, can be externally lacquered in all colors of our collection or in liquid metal, available in Colormood that can be internally and externally lacquered, complete with drain andpressure plug, siphon and flexible hose.

  • Dimensions: H. 87 x P. 75 x L. 135
  • Solid Surface Flumood
  • Lead time: 12 weeks