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Il Canto Del Fuoco Fireplace

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This fireplaces perfectly integrates in the wall, with its colors, finishes and textures. II Canto del Fuoco explores the third dimension with a clean sharp cut and a constant movement of the surfaces that confers dynamism to the whole configuration. The bending surface like a folded sheet of paper is pulling back introducing at its end the place where fire is. It can be produced as custom made integrated in the wall fireplace becoming an architectural element. Its design contributes to create a dynamic warm atmosphere.

  • CANTOMC270 Dimensions: H. 144 x P. 41.5 x L. 270
  • CANTOM63 Dimensions: H. 180 x P. 40 x L. 63
  • CANTOM108 Dimensions: H. 180 x P. 40 x L. 108
  • Lead time: 12 weeks