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Graffio Washbasin

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New proportional and formal balance born from the intersection of squares, circles, and rectangles, alternation of smooth and raised areas that capture unexpected three-dimensionality. Graffiomood is a collection of five different washbasins, top or wall mount, made of Flumood or Colormood. The extreme thinness of the borders define a perimeter that encloses all the functions of the basin: the basin, the back surface where to install the faucet as well an additional surface.

  • Dimensions GRAFFIOM30: H. 13 x P. 30 x L. 54
  • Dimensions GRAFFIOM45: H. 13 x P. 35 x L. 45
  • Dimensions GRAFFIOM54: H. 13 x P. 47 x L. 54
  • Dimensions GRAFFIOM72: H. 13 x P. 47 x L. 72
  • Dimensions GRAFFIOM108: H. 13 x P. 47 x L. 108
  • Material: Flumood
  • Lead time: 12 weeks