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Nestrest Floor Chalk Seat

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Nestrest by Dedon. Thanks to its innovative, organic structure and the cocoon-like sense of protection it affords, the NESTREST lounger has established itself as icon of contemporary design. Laden with cushions, its interior is supremely comfortable, breathable and private, the special fiber weave allowing those inside to see out while preventing those outside from looking in. Standing Lounger model in chalk fiber and upholstered in category B white fabric. Interior with a single cushion-mattress. Load Capacity of 350 Kg. Includes base in the same finish and decoration cushion pack consisting of 8 cushions of 60x50 cm and 4 of 40x40 cm. Protective cover for the seat cushion and decorative cushions included.


  • Design: Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety, collaborators of Jean-Marie Massaud
  • Materials: Constructed out of a new specially created DEDON fiber, four centimeters wide, which guarantees a robust and solid braid and, at the same time, open and lets air and light pass through.
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 130 x 200 x 268cm
  • Weight: 99.5kg
  • Available in Chalk and Natural
  • Lead Time: Approx. 12 weeks