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Collage White 305 Mirror

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Regular geometric patterns, overlapping of layers and chromatic surfaces, continuous references of reflections and games of opaqueness. All enclosed in an elegant and absolute metal frame in a matt white finish. Sophisticated declination of the Collage collection, White is a series of mirrors that plays on geometric shapes mostly in black and white or in very few colors to compose them according to flexible and customizable schemes. A contemporary image that arises, however, from obvious references to past design trends, which evokes flavors and atmospheres. White is a three-layer mirror, two of which are printed, and one is mirrored, which gives depth to the two-dimensional surface. The lines that generate concentric frames, which surround portions of the mirror, that draw regular paths and define areas and intersections, allow you to decorate the reflective surface, customizing the area where it is placed. The Collage mirrors are available in different design options, please inquire for details.

  • Priced for: Collage White 305
  • Dimensions: H. 75 x L. 54
  • Mirror with 3 layers, two of which printed and one mirrored with frame in aluminum with a matt white finish
  • Lead time: 12 weeks