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Bespoke Mirror

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The Bespoke mirrors carry a DNA made up of clean lines and excellent materials, measured proportions, sophisticated details, numerous compositions and possibilities. An aluminum frame, a mirrored frame that can hide a compartment, a container, a column or a set of volumes that are developed in sequence as if they were contemporary works of art. The perfect balance of surfaces and frames, measured thicknesses and balanced dimensions, the sophisticated combinations and exclusive finishes that are the traits of the Bespoke collection is also reflected in the mirrors that give depth to the environment, widen the space, generate new perspectives which break the rigid schematic orthogonal. Tailored proposals that allow you to hide but at the same time to show. The Bespoke mirrors are available in different sizes, please inquire for details.

  • BSK50 Dimensions: H. 50 x L. 54 x P. 4.2
  • BSK210W54 Dimensions: H. 210 x L. 54 x P. 4.2
  • BSK210W90 Dimensions: H. 210 x L. 90 x P. 4.2
  • Lead time: 12 weeks