What Is Italian Interior Design?

Italian interior design is not different from other aspects of Italian products and services. Italy is among the top countries that are world-renown for its superior taste. Be it clothes, food, handbags, or cars, you know it is impeccable when the label says “Made in Italy.” However, most people tend to overlook one area due to unfamiliarity or other reasons.

 Italian interiors are just as fashionable and well-refined as everything in the country. From the captivating mosaics of the Roman Empire to the wall and ceiling designs of the Renaissance, superb interior designs have been part and parcel of the Italian culture and lifestyle.

What Does an Italian Design Entail?

You have come to the right place if you want to add a dash of Italian style to your home’s interior design projects. Italian Luxury Interiors is a leading Italian interior designer with the right products and expertise. Here are some of the unique touches our experts can give your space an unmatched Italian interior design makeover in Blackwood, NJ, and the neighboring suburbs and cities.

Smart Use of Space

If you have visited Italy, you will notice that their homes are usually very cozy. Many Italians live in high-rise block buildings, making it common to live in apartments with limited space. For this reason, Italians have mastered the art of creating space. Modern Italian interior design entails the transformation of small spaces into areas that appear more spacious, well-lit, and airy.

By thoughtfully placing lighting, furniture, and employing other architectural techniques, our best Italian interior designers at Italian Luxury Interiors can create a space in your home that feels generous, large, and bright.

Combining the Old with the New

Italy has a very rich history. For this reason, it is only natural that Italian interior designers incorporate Italian history within contemporary designs. While the Italian cities and suburbs buildings may have an older exterior look, the interiors comprise tasteful modern furniture and design. Combining new and old styles is a common defining characteristic of Italian interior design.

However, if your home is not an old, beautiful, aging building, do not worry because Italian Luxury Interiors have your back. We have a wide variety of high-end Italian interiors from reputable brands across Europe. So, whatever look you are going for, we have a solution that will suit you.

The Living Kitchen

A living kitchen is exactly what it sounds like. Where the kitchen was once the home of domestic animals and servants, now it is the heart of an Italian-style home. Italian interior design concepts perceive the kitchen as an extension of the living room. At the end of a tiring day, this is the area where everybody gathers to make food as they chat and relax together.

Suppose you want to create an amazing and luxurious Italian kitchen space like this. In that case, our team of highly-qualified and experienced interior designers will be more than happy to assist you.

Minimalist Interiors

While Italian interior design has not reached the minimalist levels of some Scandinavian countries or the Japanese, minimalist concepts are embedded in their architecture. Modern Italian homes offer a more uncomplicated, clean, and simple feel. This is a huge change from the homes of their ancestors that were quite lavish with their home’s interiors.

Modern Italian interior designs create plenty of concealed spaces to conceal or store away clutter, making the space tidy and clean. With this type of design, each piece of furniture should justify its place in the space and its use.

At Italian Luxury Interiors, we have high-end furniture that enhances efficiency by having more than just one function. For instance, you may find a comfortable chair or bed with storage space in the base or arms.

Interior Furniture

Italian interior designers love to combine function and beauty in furniture as with almost any other aspect. Simplicity and elegance are often blended by clean and pure shapes using traditional Italian craftsmanship and multi-purpose furniture.

Conventional Italian furniture is often characterized by a dark wood, solid frame that could be pine or oak. Facades are usually decorated with a series of wavy patterns. For feminine curves, simple shapes are preferable. Every piece of furniture is created with unrivaled attention to detail. Depending on the color, top Italian interior designers use various textiles on upholstered furniture. The Italian designers use warm shades to give the colors some depth that would otherwise go unnoticed. On the other hand, colder colors are commonly used on dense, smooth materials such as leather.

Good Lighting

Smart lighting is a major component of top-notch Italian interior design. But there is no one-fits-all lighting style or formula for the right Italian lighting décor. Instead, the lighting style is normally dictated by the specific architectural style of your house. For instance, if you live in an apartment in the city, a huge, sparkling, and dramatic chandelier is a perfect way to emphasize the apartment’s height. You can also place lights on the table and floor to create a diffused and gentle feel.

Statement Furniture

As stated before, Italian interior design mixes the odes of the past with modernism. However, an item of statement furniture or centerpiece might help reduce the modern Italian design feel by giving your space a bold pop of texture, intrigue, and color. This can be in the form of a statement chair or a table. Think of our Italian Luxury Interiors’ products as sculptures you can sit or eat on.

Incorporate Your New Jersey Home with Italian Interior Design

Whether you want to perform a full remodel or add a few Italian touches to your home, Italian Luxury Interiors can assist you with any Italian interior design projects you may have. We have a wide range of interior selections that vary from extraordinary to daily. With these tips on Italian designs, you are ready to add a splurge of tradition, sophistication, and luxury to your home.

Our portfolio includes high-end, modern interior design studio products like:

· Sofas

· Armchairs

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We hold all our clients in high esteem and pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service standards and top-of-the-line products as we handle timeless interior design projects. Italian Luxury Interiors seek innovation, distinction, and inspiration in everything we do.

For more on Italian Interior Design, visit Italian Luxury Interiors at our modern interior design space in Blackwood, NJ. You can also call 213-280-1333 for any inquiries.