Tips in achieving a Modern Italian bathroom

When it comes to our bathroom, we want the best of the worlds. It is nice for it to look great but it must also provide us with the comfort and the utility that we desire, that we crave within this world.

Our lives may be stressful in more ways than one and our modern bathroom can provide a place of respite and peace. That is why it is essential for us to pay close attention to each aspect of this particular room in our homes.

The right bathroom can be a significant value addition to our lives and it can certainly make a large difference if we know how to customize it correctly.

That is why it is no surprise that more homeowners are paying attention to this part of their house. They want to create a memorable experience, draw inspiration from their splendid countertops, basin area, their shower cabin, and more areas.

There are several bathroom styles, but the modern Italian style stands out. This is because it's perfect for beauty and functionality. 

Italian-inspired designs add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bathroom. Choosing the Italian style bathroom means embracing excellence, and it's the surest bet to getting the crisp and fresh bathing space you desire.

Nothing beats having a chic bathroom, and going the Italian way is the perfect option. Read this simple guide to find valuable tips on how to achieve a modern Italian bathroom.


Glass shower cabin

The core for many homeowners, when it comes to their Italian bathroom design, is the shower cabin. The shower cabin is a core component because it is where one can spend quite a bit of time each week.

Now, this shower cabin also is a place where we can draw inspiration. We can be free to sing and be comfortable in a beautiful enclosure. It can be a boon to your life and provide you with a way to relax and genuinely bask in the flair of your surroundings. The shower cabin does not have to be futuristic. It can be classic in a way that lends to a relaxing environment.

The Italian style is incomplete without glass as it comes in handy for covering the whole shower space. Glass is perfect because it gives your bathroom a great and comfortable appeal.

 Plus, its reflection enhances the quality of light in the bathroom. You may install a prefabricated glass shower cabin for the best result. It helps to keep the water splashes in.

In this manner, one can not only create an aesthetically pleasing environment but a functionality driven environment as well.

Metalworks can do the trick too

Metal is the unique signature of the Italian style. Adorn your bathroom space with Italian metal décor to give it a stunning look. Use iron bars for hanging clothing materials and metal cabinets for storage. These fixtures provide the perfect accent for function.

The reason why you appreciate Italian components in your home is because of the style and quality of detail that one places in it. There is a certain element of love and care that goes into various aspects of each material that homeowners can help but be allured by the beautiful elements of the Italian designed room in the home.

Whether it is the fixtures, the curves of basins, or the way that bathroom moves from a design standpoint, it is hard to resist a great Italian bathroom design.


No complex designs

The Italian touch is known for its simple but elegant look. Go simple by adopting neutral colors instead of a radiant mix of flashy colors. White, black, or a mixture of both can be used for the best effect. Also, use plain tiles for the floor and uniform patterned materials for the walls.

A simple wood design for bathroom furniture is recommendable too. Don't muddle things up. Go as simple as you can to get the best Italian appeal.


Opt for Oval bathtub

Tubs are great for adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. However, the oval tub is the best option if you want a tub for your modern Italian bathroom.

 This is because it is classic, stylish and trendy. Also, an oval bathtub is the ideal minimalist option you can go for if your bathroom is not so spacious.


Wooden finish for the wall is not a bad idea

You can try wood If you don't fancy paints or tiles on your wall. It's also a great option you can explore to achieve a modern Italian bathroom.

Apart from being physically appealing, the wooden finish is firm and durable. Similar wood can be used for cabinets and stands to store bathing ointments, towels, and other bathing materials.


Marbles is great for Your Bathroom 

Marbles are pretty expensive but can transform your bathroom into what's in vogue. Its texture is suitable for your bathroom floor and wall.

It's sturdy and gives a stunning appearance to your bathroom. If you can afford marble materials, it's the perfect material to go for.



Add a touch of Italian accessories

Italian canisters and cruets are traditional materials that can be used to decorate your bathroom. Hang them on the wall, or put them on a metal or wooden shelf for the perfect design.

There are several other affordable Italian décor materials you can get to decorate your bathroom. These include classic wall lamps and marble vases for your plants.


Maintain symmetry between the tiles, wall, and furniture

You may adopt different color schemes for your bathroom's floor, walls, and furniture. But ensure that a balance is maintained. Use color patterns that blend flawlessly on all surfaces and materials.

As said, the Italian style is about simplicity. Everything in your bathroom, from the walls to the floors, furniture to accessories, must reflect this.


Illuminate the space

Natural lighting is one of the characteristics of Italian design. Use standard glass windows to provide illumination to the place.

Alternatively, fancy LED lights can also be used to provide lighting to the space if you don't like natural lights.

Find What You Need For Your Italian Bathroom at Italian Luxury Interiors

Your bathroom is one of the most important places in your home. It deserves the perfect décor and designs. Remodeling your bathroom to get the artistic blend you desire is possible with simple Italian ideas. Use the tips in our guide to get the best result when setting up a modern Italian bathroom.

If you are looking for the right bathroom elements to fit your Italian bathroom designs, reach out to our team at Italian Luxury Interiors. We are pleased to work with you on your countertops, your basin , bathtubs, and other items that we may have in stock on our website.

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