Origins of Italian Design

Modern Italian Interior Design

Italian interior design originates from ancient Rome. It incorporates beauty, functionality, and comfort. They would design their homes to be fun to live in and experience. The same is true even in our times. Modern Italian interior design incorporates western influence while holding to its Roman roots.

What Makes Italian Design Special?

Italian design meshes with many different homes and styles because of its simplicity. You will find large open spaces with a high volume of plants. However, you can still add your personal touch and give it a modern Italian look. If you need help, get an Italian interior designer.

Looking For an Italian Interior Designer?

The best interior designers will give you what you hope for from your interior design projects. Here is a list of iconic Italian designers who are also great ambassadors of this design. They include:

  • Italian Luxury Interiors; aims to provide uncompromising quality and timeless design. The selection here varies from everyday items to the extraordinary. You can be sure to find the best pieces from all over Europe.

  • Laura Pozzi; creates magic and visual moods using colors and simplicity. She evokes emotions by focusing on what agencies and brands need for creative projects.

  • Studio Pepe; the modern interior design studio is the brainchild of Chiara Di Pinto and Arianna Lelli Mami. The design duo believes in the art of creativity. They create contemporary, bold, distinct, and timeless interior design projects. The design studio creates a path through modernity, art, and craftsmanship to infuse unique design in their bespoke pieces.

  • Vincenzo De Cotiis; is among the top Italian interior designers. It is because he creates limited edition, one-of-a-kind interior design projects. His pieces combine luxurious materials with stone, wood, and salvaged fiberglass. The creations are historical memory inflect pieces that give the feeling of the passage of time. Among his top passions is traditional Italian craftsmanship.

  • Dimore studio; is a globally celebrated phenomenon. It was once only for an elite group of interior designers. Their personal sensibility fused with a diverse universal approach under control results in precious and dreamy atmospheres.

These five are among the best Italian interior designers. There are many other iconic designers. As you plan your project, check out their work for inspiration.

What To Consider When Undertaking Italian Interior Design Projects

The best interior designers will put your imagination into overdrive. However, Italian interior designers do it on a whole different level. They are the best interior designers in the world. An Italian designer will incorporate luxurious, exquisite, and unique designs with that on-trend. However, there are things they will always consider. These include:

  • The defining characteristics of Italian design.

  • Finest craftsmanship.

  • Effortless luxury.

The Defining Characteristics of Modern Italian Design

One can never overemphasize that Italians have good taste, especially with their cars, food, handbags, or jewelry. They always impress. How they manage to do that lies in the passing on of culture and life for hundreds of years. There are those aspects that stand out and define Italian design. Therefore, as you look into adding this style to your space, here are some defining characteristics.

Make The Space Contemporary

Add the old to the new. It will create a base for your space. It also makes timeless interior design projects. It preserves the rich history of Italian design while adding the flavor of modern culture. Look for unique pieces from antique markets. You can also get second-hand furniture that has traditional Italian craftsmanship.

As you add these touches, keep the sleek and clean lines of modern Italian design. According to Elle decor, you need to avoid too much effect. Steer clear of color pile-on or patterns; they symbolize traditional European styles. You can achieve a delicate balance by using oversized modern furniture. A good example is a sofa with luxurious buttery leather. It will allow your accent to pop.

Wise Use of Space

Anyone familiar with the Italian style is familiar with their wise use of space. Italian homes are cozy with clever utilization of space. Their exteriors may be opulent, but their interiors are light and airy. They have thoughtful placement of lighting and furniture. It makes the area feel bright, large, and generous.

Mixing Italian and Modern Architecture

Italian homes are the result of extensive restorative work. Many have old architectural features that are still intact. It is advisable to preserve these even as you look into adding a modern touch. Italians are fond of these older styles and know how to fuse them with contemporary fashion.

Therefore, modern architects need to know how to fuse their style with these old features. As the world changes, so has architecture, but that does not mean that there is no room for older fashion. There are elements of history that the world cannot ignore. Otherwise, it will set cultures off their course.

Use Of Wood and Other Natural Materials

Bring in the element of nature. It can tie the rooms together, giving a flow to the design. Italian interior design incorporates plants into the interiors. They also mix wood, stone, and metal without effort. They have attractive marble countertops and baths. They also have beautiful mosaic floors. They add a modern Italian look by mixing terracotta tiles with small cement tiles.

Statement lighting

Italians know the value of exquisite lighting. That is why Italy design chandeliers are popular. However, you do not need to go all out. Remember that minimalism is another characteristic of Italian design. Consider modern statement lighting pieces that are interesting and add mood to the room.

Important Rooms

The kitchen and dining room are the center of the house and home. Italians are famous for their spectacular cuisine. The kitchen is where they create their culinary works of art. They will add comfortable chairs or a sofa so that family members and guests can keep the chef company.

The dining area is where they sit to enjoy exquisite cooking and conversations. It is a place of high honor. Therefore, pay particular attention to these two areas. Have a vase that will carry fresh flowers and high-quality linens. However, in the spirit of minimalism, you can use understated tableware. It makes the food shine.

Looking For Luxury Interiors?

Look no further than Italian luxury interiors. You will find the best high-quality furniture, lighting, and home decor. They also have interiors from all brands across Europe. Therefore, you will not miss something to match the modern Italian design you want.

Italian luxury interiors have a high standard of customer service. They are your one-stop if you are looking for inspiration that stands out and is innovative. For more information on modern Italian design, visit Italian Luxury Interiors at our office in Blackwood, New Jersey. You can call (213) 280-1333to book an appointment today.