Italian Style Tips for Small homes

It would be awesome to come back to a peaceful, cozy environment when you come from work. Creating such an atmosphere is possible by incorporating Italian style into your home, no matter what size your home is.

From way back in the 15th century, Italians are known for their life motto that dictates their lifestyle, La Dolce Vita, which means; the sweet or good life. This motto shows in their interior décor style that induces a comfortable, stress-free feeling.

What is Special about Italian Design?

You do not have to own a Roman villa or lush garden to benefit from Italian-style decor. Italian style design creates the illusion of space which is necessary not to feel cramped if living in a small house. Not only does Italian interior design style induce comfort, but it is also synonymous with, elegance, sleekness, and sophistication.

Italians themselves (and their cars) are effortlessly fashionable, so why would one not want to emulate them? Old Italian homes in the past were known for their ornate trimmed walls, one–of–a–kind painted murals, crystal chandeliers hanging from paneled ceilings, Plush rugs placed everywhere, and glossy wood or marble floors. Italian style design is known for its combination of modern furniture, glass-centeredness, and rustic architecture that has inspired designers the world over.

Why choose Italian-style Design?

From the classical world of ancient Rome to the modern design houses in Milan, Italian designers are an inspiration worldwide and are the true masters of design. Italian industrial design is an innovation of the Italian people and is also called the Tuscan style.

Tuscan style goes way back in history and adds character, space, and modernity to any home. Modern Italian style interior design stems from the historic version and looks just as great. These are; modern rustic, contemporary bold, and modern luxury.

These are the cues that characterize the Italian style design.

  • Rustic Architecture

Elegant columns are a unique feature of Italian architecture. An Italian architect builds homes using characteristic 'rustic' Mediterranean style; a sunbaked look, coupled with crumbling patios, terra coated tiles, and textured wall finish.

  • Color

Italian style design incorporates neutral colors and a warm palette of colors that are known as; rustic. This palette contains a mixture of warm hues of cream, whites, and beige blended with browns, to create a warm atmosphere.

However, style does not mean this style shies away from other colors. Other colors just need to be toned down and should not contrast with each other. This color also stands out in their wall art

  • Polished surfaces

Italian style items are mainly made of natural products like timber, marble, and stone with polished surfaces.

  • Minimalistic

Italian style embraces the minimal, less is more, perspective. Simplicity is key. A touch of Italian chic here and there is enough.

  • Mix and Match

Italian style draws from its rich heritage in design from the 1950s and 60s. The charming design icons from those times are still famous in the present and will continue to be so in the future. When an Italian woman would dress, throwing on an antique scarf over jeans and a plain shirt, it resulted in a stylish look.

In the same way, Italian interior design involves creatively mixing up designer pieces and traditional antique pieces with obviously the same result. This results in the creation of a unique balance between sleek elegance and timeless class.

  • Open spaces

Italian style`s signature look is open spaces. Light airy spaces and light glazed windows are perfect for small spaces to appear large and spacious.

  • Statement lighting

Italian style makes a statement using aesthetic design lights. These lights include pendant lights, chandeliers, table lamps, or floor lamps. They not only function at lighting up the night but also add a touch of glamour.

  • Italian dream gardens

Italy is famous for its gardens made of high-rise green integrated into the architecture, an idea by an Italian called Bosco Verticale.

Italian style design is perfect for space-challenged homes because its concept creates the illusion of space while still maintaining coziness and elegance. To bring these elements out, here are the ways to incorporate Italian style into different rooms in the house;

Italian-style Living Room

The statement lighting for a living room, in true Italian fashion, is the crystalline chandelier hanging from a paneled ceiling. The Modern living room in Italian-style design favors natural light during the day. Natural lighting is achieved by using glazed bay windows.

Instead of heavy curtains, such windows should have a light muslin sheer for a soft effect and shutters to keep out the heat. Roman blinds, which are available in different colors and patterns, can also be used. These blinds are also available in minimalistic, plain white.

One can add Fresco; Italian hand, painted murals applied to wet plaster. Terra cotta potted plants and flowers can be put on doorways. Floors can either be of wood, marble, terracotta Mediterranean tiles, whatever catches your fancy.

Walls can have textured finishes or marble look wallpaper. To top off the look, throw around some plush area rugs. Italian design classics, like a Tuscan-style wooden chair, can be added. What works in the living room can be replicated in the bedroom.

The Dining Room

Italian culture revolves around family, food, and fun. Given, Italian dining tables are large; to create ample space and are made of wood. A stack of extra foldable chairs is always available because Italians love entertaining visitors.

Italian dining style, favors bold overhead lighting as opposed to most people's norm of dim, romantic lighting, so as to have a well-lit meal and at the same time be able to see who you are talking to clearly; All in the spirit of the joy of sharing a meal. Artwork, with rustic scenes, can be placed on the adjacent walls.

The Kitchen

In Italian style, the kitchen is centralized and open plan. Cut marble is perfect for a kitchen because it is waterproof. Marble is a natural component first drawn from the quarries of Carrara, Tuscany, Italy. Now, marble is also found in Greece, Russia, Sweden, and even here in the United States. Marble can replace ceramic tiles as a splashback tiling option. It not only functions well but is also stylish.

Terracotta gives warmth and is best for the usually cold floor of kitchens. Terracotta is glazed or non-glazed clay and comes from Tuscany Italy. It is found in colors ranging from caramel to rich orange ochre or soft antique white. Natural plants and flowers can be planted in terracotta pots and placed strategically on countertops or windowsills. Place ceramic plates on the kitchen walls and shelves.

The Bathroom

Mediterranean tiles have geometric designs and bright colors to give an illusion of space. Another tiling option is modern resin, large format tiles. Cut marble looks beautiful can be used around the bathroom sinks as a splashback tiling option. The bathroom floor is made of terrazzo. Terrazzo is a mixture of natural stone with chips of other elements like pieces of mirror or shells.

Italian Furniture Styles

Italian style ranges from classical to modern Italian style and gives sophisticated vibes. Like the world-famous Italian curved car; the Ferrari; Italian furniture is curved and crafted into low lines. Low lines, for instance, low arm sofa or with no arms at all; create the illusion of space.

The colors are neutral and the material mostly used is leather. Italy produces the best leather in the world. This top-tiered leather is used for sofas, dining hall seats, and beds. Italian furniture, especially seats, is made of upholstery material; springs, webbing, padding, and fabric or leather covers.

Italian Luxury Interiors

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