How to Create a Modern Italian Bathroom


Many homeowners dream of a modern Italian bathroom that looks like it belongs in an interior design issue of Italian Vogue. However, not all homeowners embody the elegance and luxury of Italy successfully. Learn more about Italian design and the items you can use to transform your fantasy bathroom into a reality you can be proud of. 

Italian Bathroom Design - 10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Resemble Modern Italy

Italian bathroom design consists of numerous aspects. We will cover 10 things to consider when you want to renovate your old bathroom into an Italian bathroom or create a brand new Italian bathroom.

#1. Neutral Colors

An Italian bathroom consists of neutral hues. Keep in mind that neutral doesn't necessarily mean muted. You can pick colors that shine, even if they aren’t bright. 

Common color combinations include:

  • Black and white

  • Copper and ivory

  • Marble

You can tell numerous different stories with an Italian bathroom, and your color choices can help tell your design story.

Black and white (possibly with a pop of color) convey a brighter, sleeker design, while copper and ivory tend to convey something more rustic and ornate. 

Marble works well for both traditional and modern designs. However, it’s important to consider the colors you choose. 

#2. Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Design

Home designing starts with the fundamentals, such as the walls, ceilings, and floors.

You will find a high degree of wood and tile in Italian design. Many people appreciate the aesthetic appeal of wood, but wood requires waterproof coating when it goes into the bathroom due to the high moisture levels. 

If you choose to go with tiles, consider geometric designs, as they are often found in Mediterranean design. You should also consider tiles made from traditional terrazzo, a mixture of stone and shells or glass. 

It's up to you if you prefer to stick to one material throughout or mix and match.

#3. Italian Bathroom Tub and Shower

Roman baths were a large part of the culture in Ancient Rome. Look for a bathtub or shower that takes you back to the ancient Roman baths.

Large, freestanding bathtubs complete the look easily. You can add a modern touch with a sleek appearance, unlike ornate decorations. 

If you don’t have a tub or prefer a shower, you can find modern showers with an Italian twist. You can also turn your shower into an Italian paradise with the right tiles on the wall and the right shower curtain.

#4. Basin Sink and Roman Faucet

Most Italian bathrooms include a deep basin sink or a cute pedestal sink. Basin sinks give you plenty of space, and you'll love how it looks. Pedestal sinks save you space without a cabinet underneath. Make sure the sink matches the tub. 

We at Italian Luxury Interiors offer numerous matching series to make matching your tub with your sink simple! Check out the brands we sell to get started! 

Don't forget fixtures to match the bathtub and sink to increase the Italian element. Roman faucets tend to come in a widespread classic design, so they're best for bathrooms with significant space, and some even include a waterfall spout to sell the concept. You can find center-set faucet models if you prefer a space-saving design.

Opt for gold or bronze fixtures instead of silver fixtures (although rules are made to be broken). 

Bring the faucets into the modern era with advanced features, such as multiple spray settings, touchless technology, and high-quality components.

#5. Inspired Countertop Materials

If possible, go for marble countertops. The different colors match whatever else you choose; it’s strong and looks great. It’s even inauthentic Italian building material. Finally, it includes a pleasant natural element. 

That said, marble is expensive and chips if it encounters trauma. It's also more porous than other materials, which doesn't always accommodate a bathroom with high moisture levels. Many alternative materials can give you the same essence as marble but at the price point of laminate or vinyl.

#6. Plants

Italy is lush with plants and vegetation. Bring some Italian plants into your bathroom design, ideally near a window with a windowpane that adds to the aesthetic.

Some Italian houseplants include:

  • Lily

  • Oleander

  • Corn poppy flowers

  • Bougainvillea

#7. LED Lighting

Create a medieval concept with wall lamps and candles throughout your bathroom. To add a modern element, ensure they all operate using LED lights.

You can include standard LED lighting with a modern exhaust fan and thematic lighting.

#8. Italian Art

You can't have an Italian bathroom without Italian art. You can find inspiration from your favorite pieces before you even begin.

Pick some of your favorite Italian artists and display prints on your walls.

While many of us think of Michelangelo and Da Vinci's classic Rennaisance design when we think of Italian art, don't forget about modern Italian artists, such as Colautti.

#9. Modern Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom furniture you select plays a large role in the bathroom aesthetic.

Consider a large Italian mirror, chair, vanity, and possibly even a bookshelf. However, stick to one or two statement pieces depending on your spacial limitations.

Do not force furniture if it doesn't fit. You don't want your bathroom to feel unnecessarily cramped.

#10. Extravagance

When looking through pictures for ideas, you will notice one thing in common: luxury. 

Your Italian bathroom is the opportunity to go all out and showcase your style. Rather than going all out by over designing, go all out by picking the right items. 

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