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Nemo Console Table

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The Nemo extension console table adds stylistic warmth and utility to any space. The table opens outward and creates an opening in the middle to put extension leaves in it to create more space. This feature is ideal for space-restricted areas or for people who entertain regularly. With contrasting finishes, it creates a vibrant juxtaposition for a complementary touch. Whether used as a console table or dining table, it looks great in a modern home. The Nemo console is available in six sizes to accommodate different sized spaces. The lacquered steel base comes in different colors while the top and extensions come in an array of wood and lacquered options. Bag to store extensions is included.

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  • Designed by Paolo Cattelan
  • Extension console table
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Lacquered steel base in different colors
  • Top and extensions are available in various wood finishes
  • Bag for extensions included
  • Dimensions:
    Nemo Console 39½"W :
    39½"W x 19¾"D x 29½"H
    39½"W x 19¾-78¾" D x 29½"H 3
    9½"W x 19¾-118" D x 29½"H

    Nemo Console 51"W :
    51"W x 19¾"D x 29½"H
    51"W x 19¾-78¾" D x 29½"H
    51"W x 19¾-118"D x 29½"H

  • Lead Time: Approx. 12 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy