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Hilton Showcase

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The Hilton showcase by Cattelan Italia reiterates a new furnishing trend that points towards modern and practical solutions that resolve the problem of storage with optimal style and elegance. Manufactured in Italy and designed by Andrea Lucatello, the showcase is easily customizable, making the spatial constraints no longer a challenge. The Hilton showcase is available in six sizes and features extra clear glass doors and internal shelves. Hilton’s structure frame can be finished in various finishes, while its door frame is available in wood and lacquer options. Two sizes feature a matching painted glass top. The optional internal LED light kit is available on request.

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  • Designed by Andrea Lucatello
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Extra clear glass doors and internal shelves
  • Structure finished in various options
  • The first two heights feature a matching painted glass top
  • Door frame available in wood and lacquer options
  • Optional internal LED light kit on request
  • Dimensions:   2-Doors Version:
    48¼"W × 19¼"D × 29¼"H
    72½"W × 19¼"D × 29¼"H
    96¾"W × 19¼"D × 29¼"H
    48¼"W × 19¼"D × 54¾"H
    72½"W × 19¼"D × 54¾"H
    96¾"W × 19¼"D × 54¾"H
    48¼"W × 19¼"D × 80¼"H
    72½"W × 19¼"D × 80¼"H
    96¾"W × 19¼"D × 80¼"H
  • Lead Time: Approx. 16 weeks
  • Manufactured in Italy