Project Philosophy

In the rich and complex world of traditional Italian artistic production, pride of place goes to our small and medium craft enterprises. Their objects – unique pieces or exclusive, often numbered, series – are marketed at the highest levels and are destined to selected specialists and end-users. 

The aim of the Italian Luxury Interiors project is to show this variegated universe in one of its most important contexts – the home. In all aspects of the home, from furniture to accessories, from lighting to tableware.

Italian Luxury Interiors is, first and foremost, a collection of furnishings and objects created using the age-old techniques of Italian craftsmanship. These have been revisited and updated in a wide range of styles and formal content. Here is contained the artistry and individual creative experience of master craftsmen and of the firms who manufacture their creations. 

Secondly, the project is a journey of discovery of the Italian lifestyle, based on two main themes:
The first theme may be defined as that of “Tradition”. Here we find furnishings and decorative objects that mainly show inspiration deriving from constant references to artistic, historical, cultural and technical aspects of the past. These aspects have been constantly revisited and updated and have thus contributed to the ongoing appreciation of traditional Italian artistic craftsmanship all over the world.

The second stylistic trend is, on the other hand, more evidently linked to the idea of “Research and Innovation”. This is expressed in objects with a component clearly based on formal research and innovation and in which we can trace the individual development of each of the companies and master craftsmen involved, along the path of experiment and design. 

But whether produced by small or very small artisans, or by larger, more structured firms, the objects selected are always carefully made by hand. In fact, in many cases, the objects of Italian Luxury Interiors approach that very fine line of distinction between a work of art and a piece of superior craftsmanship, between the artist and the master craftsman. 

So Italian Luxury Interiors is primarily a journey through Italian productive “excellence”, which is made even more exclusive by the care and attention paid in selecting the manufacturers and the products they offer. Another important characteristic of Italian Luxury Interiors is the fact that it brings to light companies and products that, in many cases, have little visibility at present on export markets, or only use highly selected distribution channels. 

We believe this point constitutes considerable added value in a market as undoubtedly dynamic, yet equally discerning and selective, as that of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. This is crucial both for the end-user and for the professional experts which Italian Luxury Interiors is addressing: architects, interior decorators, specialist stores, importers and distributors who deal at the top levels of the market, and who are constantly on the lookout for original companies and products, which must possess both a high level of quality, as well as an image identifiable with the best of Italian production.

There is an invisible common thread running through all the products and companies in the “Italian Luxury Interiors” collection: the connection between the products and their territory. Their inspiration derives from culture and from age-old Italian productive traditions, ‘know-how’ handed down through the centuries. These, more than anything else, are the true and unique values of the Italian Luxury Interiors collection – over and above their appearance or the various materials used. These important values permit the inclusion of Italian Luxury Interiors’ products in the luxury products’ sector – not because they have excessive or inflated prices, but rather because they are well on this side of the line that separates beauty from kitsch, uniqueness from banality, elegance from vulgarity, and good taste from mere ostentation. 

Not by chance, therefore, did we choose the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi for the presentation of Italian Luxury Interiors. The choice grew out of a need to provide a prestigious setting for visitors to the event, capable of making them feel welcome and “at home”, in the best traditions of Middle-Eastern and Italian hospitality. For this very reason, from 4th to 6th March 2010, in the Ballroom of the Emirates Palace Hotel, our products will not be simply on display, but rather inserted into the most appropriate domestic context, whether sitting room, bedroom or study.
The final objective is to offer, thanks to a clever mix of light, volume and colour, an exciting and dramatic show for our visitors, able to evoke the spirit and atmosphere of Italian craftsmanship and living, Italian style.