Craft Confederations

Presentation By Craft Confederations


We are delighted to present, in Abu Dhabi, the “Italian Luxury Interiors” exhibition. This initiative addresses a very important aim: to develop and promote on the Emirates’ market high-quality Italian craft products for the interior and lifestyle sectors.
We are therefore especially pleased to offer visitors a journey of discovery through Italian hand crafted tradition, going back to historical and cultural artistic factors which have made Italian products famous all over the world.

Thanks to the collaboration of Artex and the support of ICE and the Ministry for Economic Development, our Confederations’ intention is to present products representing the best of Italian art or tradition. We have done this by selecting objects that speak, not only of tradition and culture, but also of innovation and research.

The world of craftsmanship has many facets. It might produce a variety of unique pieces or of exclusive series, whose extremely high quality expresses the artistry of master craftsmen perhaps little known outside of Italy.

But the exhibition also spotlights the huge amount of research and innovation contained in each product, demonstrating how Italian craftsmen experiment with new materials and original designs.

This initiative has two complementary objectives: to strengthen the image of Italian craftsmanship through a visual display, and to promote trade by organising meetings between the craft enterprises taking part and visitors who operate in the top level of the market (interior designers, interior decorators, retailers, importers and distributors).

Tradition meets innovation to produce an initiative, which will underline the exclusivity of the exhibition collection – all in the prestigious setting of Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel.