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About Italian Trade Commission

The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) is the government agency which promotes, facilitates, and develops trade between Italy and the rest of the world, by helping Italian firms to internationalise and set down roots in foreign markets, and fostering the flow of productive inward-outward investments. ICE also carries out an intense training activity for Italian and foreign managers operating on international markets to promote the “Made in Italy”. Located in Rome, the Head Office operates in connection with a worldwide network of offices (17 regional offices in Italy and 117 offices in 87 countries). S.IN.C.E. – the Italian Foreign Trade Information System accessible through the website www.ice.gov.it – plus a broad application of information technology have facilitated the continuous exchange of data from the network. This allows ICE to respond promptly, and in real time, to the new challenges of the global market. Foreign companies refer to ICE also through the dedicated official website www.italtrade.com for information and assistance, in order to source potential Italian partners.

ICE office for UAE, Oman, Qatar
P.O. Box 24113
Dubai Internet City
ARENCO Tower – Office # 506-508
United Arab Emirates
T: +971 4 4345280 F: +971 4 4220983 
ice.gov.it, italtrade.com, dubai@ice.it

ICE Istituto nazionale per il Commercio Estero
via Liszt 21, 00144 Roma, Italia
T +39 0659921